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About Us

The company was founded in 2008 after brother in laws Jay and Matt found a gap in the market for high quality Karaoke equipment. After many nights using a machine that was just not up to par Jay and Matt decided it was time for change within the Karaoke industry.

The company started under its first name A1 Karaoke Nights before becoming the well-known brand it is today. For the first few years A1 Karaoke Nights acted as distributors for some of the other brands of karaoke machines and discs and it was very clear the market contained a lot of low quality, inferior products, both in terms of music and sound.

Jay and Matt started their mission to source and develop the best equipment from around the world. Just like today this entailed meticulously going through various samples to find a product that could live up to the Vocal-Star high standards. Anything within the Vocal-Star catalogue has gone through this process which includes vigorous testing, development and much more to finally be hand selected to ensure the high quality of Vocal-Star is surpassed.  One key recruitment was that of Keith Bateman, who for many years produced some of the best quality karaoke tracks in the World, including the tracks for Sunfly.  With Keith on board and our fantastic studio, musicians, and singers, we can produce the best karaoke tracks on the market.  We also produce karaoke tracks for other karaoke brands around the World.

Once Vocal-Star started producing their own tracks and closely working with the studio to achieve this, we then had the best karaoke tracks on the market. These tracks are available in both physical and digital formats to ensure all requirements are met for customers.

The physical format known as CDG discs are supported by the more traditional type of Karaoke machines and can be purchased on our store vocal-star.com. The digital formats can be used on an array of items such as Laptops, Tablets, phones and used on a karaoke machine that supports USB. The digital formats of our tracks and albums can be purchased on our dedicated website vocalstarmusic.com, we offer every track in MP3, MP3+G and MP4. Tracks are also uploaded daily to the Vocal-Star YouTube channel.

Today we are still developing new and exciting products and working with our international partners to bring the best that the Karaoke World has to offer. We have expanded the team along the history of the company and look forward to continuing our mission. 

Important Information

Legal Company Name: Vocal Star Limited

Company Registration Number: 06701620

VAT Number: GB939058101