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Kids' Karaoke Machines 7 Items

Fantastic for weekend fun, Vocal Star’s kids' karaoke machines make the perfect gift for budding performers and future recording artists. Our kids’ karaoke machines are highly affordable, and come with 1 0r 2 microphones, 

Our Vocal-Star kids' karaoke machines are portable, making them the perfect addition to the home. Allowing you to sing anywhere around the home, Most have party light effects too. Vocal Star have 1000s of songs available on YouTube for FREE, These selection of kids karaoke machines will be the source of endless fun at kids’ parties. 

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Kids’ Karaoke Machines With Disco Lights

Vocal Star’s portable karaoke machines make the perfect kids’ party entertainment. With a built-in speaker and multi-coloured LED lights, kids can enjoy all the excitement of a school disco from one perfectly portable machine.

Rated for their sound quality, our karaoke machines with lights are the ideal upgrade to our standard kids karaoke machines.

Notable features of our kids’ karaoke machines:

  • HDMI Connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity (portable only)
  • CD/DVD player
  • Microphones
  • USB connectivity for MP3 players
  • External speaker connectivity
  • Free song bundle