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Opening Times / Placing Orders

Showroom and Telephone Opening Times

Monday                     9am-5pm

Tuesday                     9am-5pm

Wednesday           9am-5pm

Thursday               9am-5pm

Friday                    9am-5pm

Saturday                Closed

Sunday                  Closed


If I place an order, when will I get it?

Items in stock are sent from our warehouse in Dorset.  Most orders will be received in 2-3 days maximum, but we have several faster shipping options, including guaranteed next day delivery and a Saturday delivery option.  Orders outside the UK are typically 2-5 days.


Where is my delivery?

Karaoke Machines are sent by DPD.  You will need to contact your local DPD depot with your address to locate the whereabouts of your parcel.  If you provided us with an email or mobile number when placing an order, we would have sent you tracking details when the item was sent.  All karaoke discs are sent by Royal Mail.


Karaoke Machine Help


Scoring Will Not Work

Scoring will only work with CD+G Discs.  HD DVD Discs including Huge Hits 1,2,3,4 & 5 will not work.  However you can copy the DVD tracks to a SD/USB, where it will then enable the scoring feature.  Please see how to do this below;


How to get tracks from a DVD karaoke disc onto a USB stick

  1. Insert the DVD into a PC
  2. Copy the files from the DVD to a separate folder on your PC
  3. Delete all files except for the .VOB file
  4. Then copy the VOB files to a USB/SD Card
  5. A good tip is to create folders on the USB/SD relevant to the disc (Huge Hits 1>Disc one etc), that way the files will be in the right order and the song books will still be effective.


Ripping Discs to USB/SD Card Issues with Karaoke Machine

Please ensure that you are using a CD+G Disc.  DVDs and MP3+G discs will not work.

We suggest the max size USB stick to use is 16gb


Creating a Song List from karaoke downloads you have purchased online

When you download tracks and put them onto a USB/SD, it can get difficult to select the song you require when there are hundreds of tracks.  On the VS800 and VS1200, you can create a songbook to make it easier.  Insert the USB/SD containing MP3+G tracks into the Karaoke Machine and press “song list” on the remote and follow instructions.  When you insert the SD/USB into a PC, your songbook will be there as a text file.


Connecting a VS-800 to a tablet with AUX lead

Any tablet or phone will connect to the Karaoke Player with an AUX lead.  Simply connect the lead from the device to the AUX input on the karaoke machine.  The words and video will be on the tablet and sound and vocals will come through your system.

Low/ No Microphone Sound

Connecting to Bluetooth - VS1200

It’s simple to connect to Bluetooth.  Firstly, please ensure the items you are looking to connect have their volume turned up for the media you are playing (making sure by listening to it on the device first).


  1. Press the Bluetooth button on the VS-1200 (mode button on speakers and amplifiers)
  2. You will hear an audio beep to indicate your Vocal-Star is looking for a connection
  3. On your device (phone/tablet ect) search for devices to connect to
  4. Select the device and you will be ready to go


Please note the SP30 Speakers will show as “BT Speaker” and not what is listed in the instructions.


There is no picture on my TV

  1. Please use either a HDMI cable or RCA Cable – not both.
  2. If using HDMI, press the “source” button on your TV to find the HDMI channel
  3. If using RCA cables, ensure your T.V is switched to AV viewing


There is a sound delay on my TV/Sound System

If you are getting a sound delay using your microphones, you can sometimes overcome this with setting up a little differently.  This usually occurs when using a 3D/Smart TV or connecting to a sound bar/surround sound.

This usually occurs because your TV is outputting sound digitally.


  1. Try using a HDMI instead of the AV Cables or visa versa
  2. Most modern TVS have a setting to change the sound output from digital to analogue
  3. Contact the TV manufacturer helpline and explain the issue and they will walk you through it
  4. Try disconnecting the sound bar/ surround sound


One way to get over the issue is to connect the machine to active speakers using the red and white RCA cables, bypassing the TVs sound altogether.  This will 100% resolve the delay issues.  Please feel free to call us about this on 01202 670929 and we will offer you a special price on the items we have.


How do I connect Wireless Microphones?

Within the wireless microphones package will be a jack to jack cable.  Connect this to the back of your wireless receiver and into either of the microphone inputs on the front of the karaoke machine.


How do I connect my machine to speakers?


Please find below an image of the Big Gig and Party Pack set ups;


Party Pack & Big Gig Set Up


Active Speaker

Active speakers generally have a plug and do not require a separate amplifier.  To connect to these, please strip the yellow cable from your RCA leads (red white and yellow cables).  Ensure the yellow cable is connected from the karaoke machine to the TV.  Connect the red and white cables to the active speakers.