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Orders & Returns

This form is for the warranty return and repair of your product and helps us to gain a better understanding of the issues and also for returns within the first 14 days of purchase. 
Please note you can not return a product for a refund if;
  • You have had the item for more than 14 days
  • Disc packs have been opened and seals broken
  • Products miss-used or returned in poor condition
  • Machine has been used for more than 20 minutes (XST Chip inside all machines)
Please read our terms and conditions before proceeding with this return request (Link to Terms and Conditions)
Once completed a member of our service team will be in contact within 7 days.

Purchase Information

Return Reason

If the reason is not listed, please select "other" and complete the text box.

Return Specifics

This is to give us more details as to the condition of the item.

About The Issue - Please explain in as much detail as possible

We need as much detail as possible please. We would advise anyone with microphone issues to review our help page (Help Page) in the first instance.

Upload Pictures / Details

For anything visably broken, you must submit a photograph, or the return will not be processed.

Upload File

What Happens Next

For anything visably broken, you must submit a photograph, or the return will not be processed.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE RIGHT OF CANCELLATION The right of cancellation does not apply to: the delivery of sealed audio or video recordings or of sealed software if unsealed by you after delivery including karaoke discs; the supply of goods made to your specifications or clearly personalized; the supply of digital content (including karaoke downloads etc) which is not supplied on a tangible medium (e.g. on a CD or DVD) if you accepted when you placed your order that we could start to deliver it, and that you could not cancel it once delivery had started; Goods have been used for more than 20 minutes (Vocal-Star Karaoke Machines contain a XST Smart Chip, which tells us the total running time that each karaoke machine has been used to sing to. If this exceeds acceptable use to demo the unit, no refund will be given). After 14 days, the return will be treated as a warranty issue and can not be returned for a refund.