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500 Karaoke Request Song Artist Slips

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500 Karaoke Request Song Artist Slips

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I've been flying through these slips,People seem to get involved more if they're given a slip to fill out with atleast one song to sing on there own or with a friend.Ive had three packs so far and just ordered another two sets.

Left by John Klodski on 09/09/2019

We hold a karaoke night most week's at our pub and find these really useful for me to prepare for the following week. If punters know they're going to attend and have the songs chosen already.It also helps handing them out with the song book to avoid people getting up and asking if you have a certain song all the time.

Left by Fran Willis on 21/08/2019

Brought a load of these as i do karaoke night at my local pub, they make things so much easier as people can write down what songs they want and i can make sure to have everything ready.

Would definately reccomend these if you run karaoke nights.

Left by Robert Kinley on 07/07/2019

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