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Vocal-Star "FUNK" Portable Karaoke Machine, Light Effects, Funny Voice Changer & Wireless Microphone

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Vocal-Star "FUNK" Portable Karaoke Machine 

An all round entertainment karaoke machine packed with a punchy 60w speaker, 5 LED light effects, wireless microphone & holder, and fun vocal effects.

The FUNK karaoke machine has 3 amazing vocal effects (From Female - Male / Male - Female Or Baby Sounds) that create more fun when singing and talking into the microphone. Add in some sound effects like Applause / Laughter & this will surely get the party started.

Use the carry handle and take the FUNK anywhere around the home, outside or on holiday. Simply connect your Bluetooth device or Smart TV and sing along with our Vocal-Star tracks found on YouTube for free.

You don't have to use just as a Karaoke Machine, Pop the FUNK in your kitchen, garden, bedroom etc, and listen to your favourite music.

Available in 3 Bright Rich Colours, Pink, Blue or Black


Connect your Bluetooth device and singalong or listen to your favourite tracks

Powerful 60w 5" Speaker / 1" Tweeter

Bass & Treble Controls

Rechargeable Wireless Microphone

Microphone Echo Control

5 LED Light Effects

Aux Input connect any device with a 3.5mm cable

USB card input for MP3 music

Records Your Singing / Vocals / Speeches Only

Extra Microphone Input


Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 15 cm

Power: 60w Max:

Frequency Response:100Hz - 20Hz

S/N Ratio:85d/b

Battery: 3.7v 2400Mah (Up to 8 Hrs Playtime Depending on Usage)

Type C Charging Cable

Product Video

Easy to use, great
for the garden

The sound quality of this is
surprisingly good... easy to setup, connect to a phone, battery life is
reasonably good once charged, sound effects are funny (to start with anyway).
The best feature though is the sound quality... much better than I would expect
- ideal for children to use in the garden, ideally as far away from the adults
as possible!!!

Left by Darren Simons on 08/05/2024

family Karaoke machine

Bought for our 5 year old
granddaughter at Xmas…she loves it and has used it extensively since then. Also
been good fun for the adults too!

Left by John Thomson on 19/01/2024

karaoke machine

Delivered very quickly. Don't be
fooled by the size of this machine as the volume is very powerful. Overall very
impressed. Great addition to any party.

Left by MD on 04/01/2024

Sing your heart out!!

This is such a great compact karaoke machine. I got this for my daughter to use with her friends - they are aged 7.

This comes nicely packed with all charging cables included. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

This has multiple functions, with a great sound out put volume.

The sound did get a little distorted when really loud but not an issue for use.

We ordered the pink, and it looks lovely! The machine has a carry handle, and the mic has a great storage space in the machine.

Overall this is a great product and I would recommend

Left by Nathan Coles on 27/08/2023

The first thing that stands out is the sound, I honestly was blown away by how much sound comes out of this little box, so even without the sound effects and the microphone

Left by You only live once on 25/08/2023

Connected to the mic upon switched on.
You can have your music via BT, AUX or USB.
The speaker is good and powerful at 60W, nice for music or song by itself.
Good battery life and easily charge via USB C.
Buttons or remote to control your playing music.
Lovely round RGB light inside the speaker, adding more fun to your karaoke session.
Would be nice to include another mic for duet.

Left by S Leo on 24/08/2023

The karaoke machine comes with a wireless microphone. Scanning the QR code on the box takes you to a dedicated YouTube channel full of karaoke classics, which are conveniently organised into themed play lists.
The speaker connects to your device via Bluetooth allowing the songs to be played through the speaker. It connects well without any delays or disruptions.
The sound quality isn't the best, especially through the microphone. The volume of both the speaker and microphone can be adjusted. It's a good size for transportation and has a handle for carrying.
There is a storage slot to keep the microphone in. It's a fun item. That works. My daughter especially likes singing in to the microphone and dancing round the room. I like that it has a huge catalogue of songs readily available on YouTube.

Left by Richard on 21/08/2023

Ideal for parties or just having a bit of fun. Includes speaker, which is pretty loud but remains clear & microphone. It's a small karaoke set, quite cute though and definitely packs a respectful punch!

Bluetooth connection so can be used as bluetooth speaker without mic plugged in.

Children loved it :)

Left by Tech T-Rex on 18/08/2023

This is a nicely designed karaoke machine built from high quality materials works really well with nice lights and portable. Pair with some lyrics on tv.

Left by Jedi Panda on 13/08/2023

Our daughter is absolutely over the moon with this portable karaoke machine. It's great quality and easy to use. Great value for money!

Left by Christine Jarvis on 12/08/2023

This was so much better than I anticipated. I paired to my phone via Bluetooth to play music through. The sound quality was amazing and the microphone mixes so well with it. Really powerful speaker, I love the changing lights as the music plays.
Included is a remote that can control the speaker. There is also several sound effects you can play to mic in with your singing . The microphone stored in the back of the speaker, really handy so it doesn’t get lost. Really impressed with this and I just know my grandaughter is going to be so thrilled with it. It’s a great size, perfect for her bedroom.

Left by Mumma B on 03/08/2023

This machine allows the whole family to take part in Karaoke. It comes packaged nicely and was larger than I was expecting it to be.

The machine comes with everything you need including the remote and the microphone to use it as Karaoke. Everything is easy to set up and it linked to my device nicely.

The sound quality is not the best but it is clear enough to enjoy the music whilst singing along. the speaker has a good level of volume that can easily be adjusted so it can be turned down if needed.

It is perfect for family gatherings or parties to add a little fun to the occasion.

Left by Rebecca on 01/08/2023

This is a clever little karaoke machine it comes with a wireless microphone so the younger members of my family can jump around and enjoy themselves without getting tangled or restricted with a lead. The speakers themselves have a output of 60W so a good sound and tone. The karaoke machine can connect easily to the tv and we can use the tracks on various social media sites without charge which gives us access to more hundreds of music tracks. The younger members love this machine the only issue is i wish it came with two microphones so they can enjoy the machine and sing together. For me the price is on par with others that dont have the free access to hundreds of tracks so im saving money with not having to buy the various compilation karaoke cds.

Left by SJ on 30/07/2023

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