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Vocal-Star 90s Karaoke Disc Set 8 CDG Discs 150 Songs

150 Songs
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90’s Karaoke Hits

Vocal-Star are renowned for the Best Quality of backing tracks in the Karaoke Industry, used by karaoke hosts and professional singers all over the world. No fade outs, all Vocal-Star Song Packs have definite endings. The Lyrics will appear on your tv screen.

1. 2Unlimited (No Limit)
2. 4NonBlondes (Whats Up)
3. AceOfBase (All That She Wants)
4. Adamski (Killer)
5. Aerosmith (I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing)
6. AlanisMorissette (Hand In My Pocket)
7. All4One (I Swear)
8. AllSaints (Never Ever)
9. AmyGrant (Big Yellow Taxi)
10. AntAndDec (Lets Get Ready To Rumble)
11. Aqua (Barbie Girl)
12. Aswad (Shine)
13. BackstreetBoys (I Want It That Way)
14. BeautifulSouth (A Little Time)
15. BeautifulSouth (Perfect 10)
16. BillyRayCyrus (Achy Breaky Heart)
17. Blondie (Maria)
18. Blur (Parklife)
19. BobbyBrown (Two Can Play That Game)
20. BonJovi (Blaze Of Glory)
21. BonJovi (Always)
22. Boyz2Men (End Of The Road)
23. Boyzone (Father And Son)
24. BritneySpears (Baby One More Time)
25. BryanAdams (Everything I Do, I Do It For You)
26. Cartoons (Witch Doctor)
27. CelineDion (My Heart Will Go On)
28. ChakaDemusandPliers (Tease Me)
29. Cher (Believe)
30. ChesneyHawkes (The One And Only)
31. ChristinaAguilera (Genie In A Bottle)
32. Chumbawamba (Tubthumping)
33. Commitments (Mustang Sally)
34. CooliofeatLV (Gangsta's Paradise)
35. Corona (The Rhythm Of The Night)
36. Corrs (What Can I Do)
37. Cranberries (Zombie)
38. Cranberries (Linger)
39. Cure (Friday I'm In Love)
40. DReam (Things Can Only Get Better)
41. DanielBeddingfield (If Youre Not The One)
42. Dido (White Flag)
43. Divinyls (I Touch Myself)
44. DJJazzyJeffandTheFreshPrince (The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)
45. Dodgy (Good Enough)
46. DuranDuran (Ordinary World)
47. East (Stay Another Day)
48. Eiffel (Blue)
49. EltonJohn (Can You Feel The Love Tonight)
50. EricClapton (Tears In Heaven)
51. EttaJames (I just want to make love to you)
52. Farm (All Together Now)
53. Five (Keep On Moving)
54. FreddieMercury (Living On My Own)
55. Fugees (Killing Me Softly)
56. Gabrielle (Dreams)
57. GigoloAunts (Where I Find My Heaven)
58. GinaG (Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit)
59. GreenDay (Basket Case)
60. Haddaway (What Is Love)
61. Hanson (MMMBop)
62. HumanLeague (Tell Me When)
63. IggyPop (The Passenger)
64. InnerCircle (Sweat (A La La La La Long))
65. James (Sit Down)
66. Jamiroquai (Space Cowboy)
67. JanetJackson (Every Time)
68. JasonDonovan (Any Dream Will Do)
69. JenniferPaige (Crush)
70. JimmyNail (Crocodile Shoes)
71. JonSecada (Just Another Day)
72. JoshuaKadison (Jessie)
73. Killers (Mr Brightside)
74. KylieMinogue (I Cant Get You Out Of My Head)
75. La's (There She Goes)
76. LeAnnRimes (How Do I Live)
77. LennyKravitz (Are You Gonna Go My Way)
78. LightningSeeds (The Life Of Riley)
79. LisaLoeb&NineStories (Stay (I Missed You))
80. Lonestar (Amazed)
81. LosdelRio (Macarena)
82. LouBega (Mambo No. 5)
83. MPeople (Moving On Up)
84. MacyGray (I Try)
85. Madonna (Beautiful Stranger)
86. MariaMckee (Show Me Heaven)
87. MariahCarey (Without You)
88. Mavericks (Dance The Night Away)
89. MeatLoaf (I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) [Duet])
90. MichaelJackson (You Are Not Alone)
91. Mike&TheMechanics (Over My Shoulder)
92. NatalieImbruglia (Torn)
93. NewRadicals (You get What You Give)
94. Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
95. NoDoubt (Don't Speak)
96. NTrance (Set You Free)
97. Oasis (Shes Electric)
98. Oasis (Wonderwall)
99. Oasis (Half The World Away)
100. OuthereBrothers (Boom Boom Boom)
101. PetShopBoys (Go West)
102. PeterAndre (Mysterious Girl)
103. Pretenders (stand By You)
104. Pulp (Common People)
105. RKelly (I Believe I Can Fly)
106. Radiohead (Creep)
107. RedHotChiliPeppers (Under The Bridge)
108. Rednex (Cotton Eye Joe)
109. REM (Losing My Religion)
110. Rembrandts (I'll Be There For You)
111. Republica (Ready To Go)
112. RickyMartin (Livin La Vida Loca)
113. RightSaidFred (I'm Too Sexy)
114. RobbieWillams (Angels)
115. RockyHorrorShow (Time Warp)
116. RonanKeating (When you say nothing at all)
117. SavageGarden (Truly Madly Deeply)
118. ShabbaRanks (Mr. Loverman)
119. Shaggy (Oh Carolina)
120. ShaniaTwain (Youre Still The One)
121. SherylCrow (Everyday Is A Winding Road)
122. SimplyRed (Stars)
123. SineadOConnor (Nothing Compares To You)
124. SpiceGirls (Wannabe)
125. SpinDoctors (Two Princes)
126. Steps (5,6,7,8)
127. StereoMCs (Step It Up)
128. Supergrass (Alright)
129. TakeThat (Everything Changes)
130. TakeThat (A Million Love Songs)
131. TakeThat (Could It Be Magic)
132. TasminArcher (Sleeping Satellite)
133. Texas (Say What You Want)
134. TinaTurner (Simply The Best)
135. TomJones (Sex Bomb)
136. TomJonesAndTheStereophonics (Mama Told Me Not To Come)
137. TonyChristie (Amarillo)
138. Travis (Why Does It Always Rain On Me)
139. U2 (One)
140. UB40 (I Can't Help Falling In Love With You)
141. VanessaWilliams (Save The Best For Last)
142. VanillaIce (Ice Ice Baby)
143. Vengaboys (We Like To Party!)
144. Verve (The Drugs Don’t Work)
145. Verve (Sonnet)
146. Westlife (Flying Without Wings)
147. WetWetWet (Love Is All Around)
148. Whigfield (Saturday Night)
149. WhitneyHouston (I Will Always Love You)
150. Zoe (Sunshine On A Rainy Day)

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