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Vocal-Star Huge Karaoke Hits of Rock - 40 Songs - 2 CDG Disc Set

Huge Hits
40 Songs
Chart hits
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Vocal-Star Huge Karaoke Hits of Rock - 40 Songs - 2 CDG Disc Set

Vocal-Star are renowned for the Best Quality of backing tracks in the Karaoke Industry, used by karaoke hosts and professional singers all over the world. No fade outs, all Vocal-Star Song Packs have definite endings. The Lyrics will appear on your tv screen. The format of these discs is CD+G.

1. Queen (We Will Rock You)
2. Deep Purple (Smoke On The Water)
3. Who (My Generation)
4. Bon Jovi (Living On A Prayer)
5. ACDC (Back in black)
6. ACDC (Highway to Hell)
7. Steppenwolf (Born to be wild)
8. Boston (More Than A Feeling)
9. Thin Lizzy (The Boys Are Back In Town)
10. Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
11. The Rolling Stones ((I Can't Get No) Satisfaction)
12. The Who (Pinball Wizard)
13. Alice Cooper (School's Out)
14. Journey (Don't Stop Believin)
15. Europe (The Final Countdown)
16. The Kinks (You Really Got Me)
17. Chuck Berry (Johnny B Goode)
18. Rolling Stones (Brown Sugar)
19. Queen (Killer Queen)
20. Elvis Presley (All Shook Up)
1. Oasis (Don't Look Back In Anger)
2. Kings Of Leon (Sex On Fire)
3. Oasis (She's Electric)
4. Aerosmith (Uncle Salty)
5. Darkness (I Believe In A Thing Called Love)
6. Radiohead (Creep)
7. Blink 182 (The Rock Show)
8. Kiss (Rock and roll all night)
9. Lordi (Hard Rock Hallelujah)
10. Status Quo (Rockin' All Over The World)
11. Nickelback (Rockstar)
12. Kasabian (Shoot The Runner)
13. Kaiser Chiefs (I Predict A Riot)
14. Kings Of Leon (Use Somebody)
15. Razorlight (Somewhere Else)
16. Bon Jovi (It's My Life)
17. Survivor (Eye Of The Tiger)
18. Stereophonics (Dakota)
19. Lenny Kravitz (Are You Gonna Go My Way)
20. Aerosmith (Walk This Way)

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Ive been trying to find a disc with some classics on for my son to sing along to with his machine for a while now. so am really pleased to see that vocal star have produced a good quality disc.

Left by Colin Folkner on 30/08/2019

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Frequently Asked Questions (8)

A CDG or CD+G are the same thing and the terms can be used interchangeable. It stands for Compact Disc + Graphics and is the standard format for most English karaoke discs. These discs can either be played on a karaoke machine that supports CDG or in a regular player that can play CDs. Keep in mind that you will not be able to see any words on your screen if you play CDGs in a CD player.

We are meticulous when producing tracks to create the original sound using live instruments and fantastic singers, unlike some track manufacturers who only re-create the sound using computer software.

CD+G discs are designed to play in Karaoke Machines and products that play CD+G discs. There is software out there to enable the use of CDG discs on a PC.

Unfortunately not; we can only supply tracks in the original key. However, many karaoke players, such as the Vocal Star Karaoke Players have a key change function.

No. CD+G discs are designed to play in Karaoke Machines and products that play CD+G discs.

Yes, in most cases, but just the audio only.

Please note that Copyright Law allows a consumer to make one (1) copy for personal use only. Copyright Law does not, however, allow anyone to make a copy for professional use.

Vocal Star discs are in the CD+G format. Lyrics can appear on a TV screen with the use of a CD+G karaoke machine.
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