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Vocal-Star Portable 12" Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker With 2 Wireless Microphones & LED Lights

Wireless Microphones
PA Speaker
Bass & Treble
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12" Portable Karaoke Machine Speaker With 2 Wireless Microphones & LED Light Effect

A powerful portable Bluetooth karaoke machine speaker which can be used from the mains power or the built in lithium battery which is ideal if you want to take it in the garden, holiday etc. Includes 2 wireless microphones.Built in LED light effect is on the front woofer.Record Your Singing or Speeches to USB. Has an extra microphone input on the and echo, bass and treble music controls on the rear panel .A retractable Handle and wheels makes it easy to move around. 

An all round system you can use to listen to music or singing along to your favourite artists.


Built In Bluetooth Facility - Stream Music from iphone tablet etc

Echo effect for microphones

Record Your Singing or Speeches to USB

2 x VHF handheld microphones included (Batteries not included)

Built In LED Light Effect

Integral USB/SD digital MP3 audio player with Remote Control

Mains/rechargeable operation

Built-in trolley facility & Carry handle

Remote Control Included

Extra Microphone Input (1/4 jack)

Internal top hat 35mm pole fitting on the bottom


Power supply220-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC) 

Power max.12" 300w

HF driver25mm (1’’) Titanium compression driver

Battery life Up to 8 hours

Lithium Battery:12v 7ah

Controls: Music Volume, Bass, Treble, Echo, Mic volume

Wireless microphone frequencies 173MHz + 178.0MHz

A bit harder to control then i had hoped but not a bad speaker

Left by Jamie Thorton on 08/05/2021

Very friendly and quick service! great products too!

Left by Christopher Keenald on 01/05/2021

Very happy with my purchase

Left by Bailey on 22/04/2021

Had to wait a few weeks for delivery as they have been out of stock, but it came this morning and im very happy with it.

Left by Davie on 15/04/2021

The sound quality of this speaker is just incredible! 

Very happy with the service and quick delivery!

Left by Carly Dunn on 03/04/2021

I brought this as my friend had the 8" one and it was so loud, this one is even better!

Im honestly so happy with it and could not of asked for anything better.

Left by Rebbecca on 26/03/2021

Very happy with this speaker

Left by Samantha Gibbs on 04/03/2021

Great peice of kit! Brought this to go with my karaoke machine but its also great to take out on it own!

Amazing service! Thankyou Vocalstar

Left by Sam Turner on 03/02/2021

Fabulous speaker! 

Kept us very entertained over christmas and newyear.

Left by Demi Cooper on 11/01/2021

Rung up last week to place an order for the CX10 which was unfortunately out of stock, Luckily they had one of these left in stock and i received it the next day. Bigger than i orionally wanted but it is great!

Left by Ciana Hope on 26/11/2020

Thanks Vocal Star. Family have had great fun so far in tough times.

Left by Harriet Brider on 08/11/2020

Good speaker, its bigger then i thought it would be but very easy to use.

Left by Josh Hicks on 25/09/2020

Good speaker, sounds good. Lights won't fll a room obviously but good for an added little effect.

Left by Tina Spencer on 16/09/2020

Just received my speaker and im very pleased with the quality! Also very happy with the service and delivery! 

I called up at 2pm yesterday to order this and it arrived this morning!

Left by Carla Downes on 08/09/2020

Just received my speaker and im very happy with it so far.

Left by Jemma Crawford on 01/09/2020

I purchased this speaker for my sons birthday and hes used it everyday since. It can be quite loud but hes very happy with it.

Left by jean Cample on 19/08/2020

Not a bad 12 inch speaker. Sounds good. Bought it mainly for playing music with the odd announcement at bbq's for a laugh.

Left by Damien Cush on 04/08/2020

Bought the 10 inch version but wanted something a bit bigger. Returned it and bought this one. Both were very good.

Left by Cathy Redner on 14/07/2020

Like it. Thank you.

Left by Roxanne Foster on 31/05/2020

Love this speaker.

Lights won't cover a room but looks good on the speaker.

Left by Eva Langton on 25/05/2020

These are pretty good. Mics take abit of turning up on vol before being picked up but thats no issue.

The best thing is they have mic priority which is great for me as i dont use it to sing. Just play music, then when i want to talk or make an announcement it cuts the music. This can be turned off too so ideal for people that want to singto music.

Left by Greg Elphick on 13/05/2020

Wheels could be better but the sound is good and lights look cool

Left by Derek Fairs on 05/05/2020

Saw the reviews for the other versions but wanted something bigger. So good these, i love it.

Left by Sammi Hitchen on 28/04/2020

Saw the reviews for the 10 inch version but wanted something bigger. As they were the same item just different sizes i went for this one and i'm glad did.

Left by Helen Flow on 15/04/2020

Good speaker this. Look won't fll a room obviously but good for an added little effect.

Left by Steve Marsden on 01/04/2020

Bought this as a do singing in various carehomes (when we're not on lockdown).

Chuffed to bits.

Left by Derek Hammil on 18/03/2020

Really great fun for anyone who enjoys singing.The speaker is really easy to use for all age ranges as all the setting are on the back.Brilliant sound quality and battery life im sure we will be constantly using it from now on and especially in the garden in the summer.

Great customer service team helped me by email and on the phone, which made deciding which speaker would be best for me a lot easier.

Left by Stephen Tully on 01/03/2020

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