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Vocal-Star Portable 8" Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker With Wireless Microphone & LED Lights

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A portable Bluetooth karaoke machine speaker which can be used from the mains power or the built in lithium battery which is ideal if you want to take it in the garden, holiday etc. Includes 1 wireless microphone.Built in LED light effect is on the front woofer. Has an extra microphone input on the on the rear panel .A Handle makes it easy to move around. 

An all round system you can use to listen to music or singing along to your favourite artists.


Built In Bluetooth Facility - Stream Music from iphone tablet etc

1 x VHF handheld microphone included (Batteries not included)

Built In LED Light Effect

Record Your Singing or Speeches to USB

Integral USB/SD digital MP3 audio player with Remote Control

DC5v rechargeable operation

Carry handle

Extra Microphone Input (1/4 jack)

Internal top hat 35mm pole fitting on the bottom


Power max.100w

HF driver25mm (1’’) Titanium compression driver

Battery life Up to 6 hours

Lithium Battery:3.7v

Controls: Music Volume, Bass/Treble Tone , Mic volume

Wireless microphone frequency 173.8MHz 

Why Not Add A Wireless Microphone Headset and Get Into The Groove! In the option, top of the page.

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Bought for my daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! Great sound and so easy to use. Great that you can connect to tablet or TV and use songs from you tube which means such a wide range.
Left by Rebecca on 20/02/2022

A good speaker for it's size. Same it is only 1 wireless mic, but bought a wired one to go with it.

Left by Maureen Timms on 18/08/2021

A good little speaker for home use. Thought the lights would show more, but thye still give a good little effect with the lights off.

Left by Sharon Haster on 01/08/2021

What a brilliant little speaker! Very shocked at the quality of this, just wish it had 2 microphones instead of 1.

Left by Lindsey Hart on 24/07/2021

Brought this to use as a speaker for my VS800 machine and it works perfectly! Also love how i can take this out and use it on its own too!

Left by Connor Parker on 17/07/2021

Lovely little speaker, very loud and clear sound quality

Left by Rachel Corridor on 09/07/2021

Brilliant sound quality for the size of the speaker! Love how compact this is and how easy it is to use!

Left by John Primer on 01/07/2021

Great speaker for the size! Very compact and loud!

Left by Halie Barton on 03/06/2021

Very shocked at how loud this speaker is! The quality is amazing considering how small it is! 

My best friend is buying one this week because she lives mine so much!

Left by Charlie Whittaker on 06/05/2021

Brought for my sons birthday and he loves it

Left by Julie Lowe on 24/04/2021

Good speaker, bit annoying it doesnt come with the cable to connect it to the TV though.

Left by Renni on 16/04/2021

Amazing little speaker and so loud!

Love that is so small and compact.

Left by Debbi Hether on 09/04/2021

Very happy with my purchase.

Left by Connor Clarke on 01/04/2021

Brought this to use as a PA speaker for my business but i tend to use the bluetooth for music now too!

Very good quality and soo loud for the price!

Left by Bradley Rix on 23/03/2021

Ordered this a few weeks ago and i am so happy with the product! 

Has a great sound quality and its nice and small too!

Left by Eva on 16/03/2021

Great speaker! cant belive how loud it is!

Left by Sarah Collony on 11/03/2021

Very shocked at how loud this is considering the size. 

Extremely happy with it

Left by Samuel Fear on 02/02/2021

Great speaker and very loud.

Wish i had got the bigger one now but still very happy with this.

Left by jordan hope on 12/01/2021

Ive had my speaker for a few weeks now and i love it! have ordered 2 more for christmas presents!

Left by Stephanie McColl on 28/11/2020

Nice PA speaker. Use it mainly for playing music from my phone but the mic is an added touch. Sound is great for what i need but if you want louder, go for one of the bigger ones.

Left by Steph Reeler on 15/11/2020

My son loves his speaker

Left by Emmerson Patelia on 22/09/2020

Tried to think of something i could write that was different to everyone else but i can't. Its very compact, and sound great considering its size.

There is a 2 wireless microphone version but in a 10 inch, not an 8 inch which this one is. Very happy with mine.

Left by Pria Patelli on 17/09/2020

Very happy with this speaker and quite shocked at how loud it is considering it is quite small

Left by Leeanne Hartridge on 08/09/2020

I love how small and compact this speaker is yet it still so loud! very happy with my purchase

Left by Jason Perry on 02/09/2020

Lovely speaker but its smaller then i was expecting. Will be returning this to get the next size up

Left by shaun jefferies on 17/08/2020

Super light, and a good compact speaker.

Shame they only do this size with 1 wireless microphone. Bought a wired one to go with it instead though.

Left by Ricki Pavel on 01/08/2020

Love these. Bought 2 of them. Thank you.

Left by Arthur T on 13/07/2020

Placed an order and still waiting as it is on pre order.

My friend has one so i know how good they are. Very light and easy to carry for my 60 year old self.

Left by John Hansen on 17/06/2020

When it turned up i thought the box was empty. It's so light, and has a cool little carry handle on top.

Love the lights too.

Left by Maria Reeder on 02/06/2020

Love it.

For it size it gives great sound. We generally just use it for playing msuic and the kids play around with the microphone.

Left by Natalie Evans on 24/05/2020

Good little pa. Use it mainly for playing music from my phone but the mic is an added touch. Good quality

Left by Tim Hutchings on 12/05/2020

Qualty! Super light for a pa speaker and a good bit of sound to it.

Left by Jeff Muster on 01/05/2020

Super light weight, and a handy little machine.

Comes with 1 wireles mic so ordered a wired one and both work well together.

Left by Graham Potter on 29/04/2020

good bit of kit, lights can be turned on or can leave them off which is a good feature. Wish this size had 2 wireless mics (i know the bigger one dies but didnt want bigger) Not a fault though, just input.

Quick delivery too!

Left by Alex Roxton on 18/04/2020

What a great little speaker! The lights are a good touch. So light and compact.

Left by Clark Arrons on 15/04/2020

Well made, super light and has very good sound considering the size.

Bought 1 and thoughi t was so good i bought another.

Left by Keith Bedson on 03/04/2020

Used mine for a while now so thought i'd do a short review.

In short, i love it! use mine for playing music and announcements at parties (some sober, some not) lol

Left by Helena West on 24/03/2020

Love it. Just use it for playing music really and the kids like singing through it. Only 1 wireless mic but can take a wired mic too.

Left by Harvey jespon on 11/03/2020

Really happy with the quality of this speaker and the way it looks.Its great that its rechargable and you can choose if you want the light on or off.The speaker is really light weight which is great if you need to move it anywhere or if you want to take on holiday with you like i did.We used it to play music in the car and throughtout our holiday as the holiday home didnt have any speaker system.

Left by Shelby Clark on 28/02/2020

Really unique speaker,We wanted somthing for our son that he could use in his room or where ever he wanted in the house as he loves to sing.So far he's used it everyday and has even taken it to a friends house after school. He loves it!, the speaker is lightweight and visually looks very smart and "cool"being such a small speaker but has a great sound.

Left by Kath Durel on 02/02/2020

Great speaker but was disapointed that it didnt come with instructions in different lauguages as it was a gift for my relative and she only reads/speaks in chinese.However she is very happy with the speaker and found it easy to use after using the speaker a couple of times.

Left by Wang Xiu Ying Chen on 19/01/2020

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