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Vocal-Star Portable Disco Karaoke Machine With Bluetooth, 2 Wireless Microphones & Light Effects

Remote Control
Wireless Microphones
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Vocal-Star VS-DPA Portable 12" 300w Disco Karaoke Machine With Bluetooth & 2 VHF Wireless Microphones

This portable disco karaoke machine has everything you need to get the party started. Simply connect your phone with Bluetooth or AUX cable and select the songs you want for FREE from sites like YouTube, where you will find all of our Vocal-Star Tracks. Now this is where the fun starts...switch the amazing light effects on to get get that disco party atmosphere.

Use Our FREE Karaoke Songs Including Classic and Modern Tracks Which Are Updated Daily on YouTube, Also Download our Free Song list which is perfect for karaoke Events / Parties To Help search Our songs.

Click Here To Access 1000s Of Free Karaoke Tracks

A pair of VHF handheld wireless microphones are included, along with an extra microphone input, auxiliary line input and integral USB/SD media player. A moulded handle and 35mm pole mount are included and a retractable trolley handle and wheels for easy transportation.

If you feel one speaker won't be enough, then dont worry; with the VS-DPA you can connect 2 speakers together wirelessly with a press of a button, and get L & R True wireless stereo sound, up to a 10m range.


Built In Bluetooth Facility - Stream Music From iphone, Tablet etc

Amazing Disco Light Effects 

Records Your Singing/ Vocals

2 x VHF Handheld Microphones Included

Echo Effect for Microphones

FM Radio

Integral USB/SD Digital MP3 Audio Player With Remote

Mains/Rechargeable Operation

Built-in Trolley/Handle Facility

TWS Feature (Connect 2 Speakers, Up to 10m Range)

Extra Microphone Input (jack)

Aux Input 

Remote Control

Moulded Handle & Internal 35mm Pole Fitting


DC 9V Charger

12" Woofer & 1" Tweeter

Power max.300W

Battery life Up to 8 hours

Lithium Battery: 3600 mAH

Master Volume with Bass & Treble Control

Microphone Volume & Echo Control

Wireless Microphone Frequencies 173.8MHz + 175.0MHz

Amplifier Output 150 + 150wRms

Product Video
It was brought for my daughter's Christmas present and she loved it once she opened it.
Easy to set up.
It has also increased her confidence to sing in front of the family now when she is normally shy to.
Would definitely recommend!!!

Left by MisterMrM on 15/02/2023

Bought this as a gift for our daughters for Christmas! It provided hours of entertainment on Christmas day for both children and adults! Super easy to set up and sound quality is excellent! Such a great buy and highly recommended!

Left by Amazon Customer on 14/02/2023

Daughter loves it, especially the disco lights. Great sound with fab speakers.

Left by Rachel on 12/02/2023

I have one very happy little girl who has this for Christmas! Sound quality is excellent and it turns her bedroom into a disco due to the lighting which is really cool.

It was easy to use just link a phone or ipod /tablet.

Mics are also very good quality.. =we used it nye for karaoke it was brill) no wire on the mics also!

Would definitely recommend this product

Left by John D. on 11/02/2023

Brilliant bit of kit to travel with. Quality is fantastic and the 2 mics are a great addition. Instant party, so happy i decided to treat myself to it! Can connect multiple ways and always works seamlessly. Very Happy indeed.

Left by Magsimoo on 11/02/2023

With so many to choose from, this machine ticked all the boxes. Great all round for entertainment, no negatives so far. Easy to set up, the whole family can join in

Left by Kelly on 11/02/2023

Fantastic product for Christmas still using every weekend. Will buy a second one once we have a bigger house as you can pair too together.

Left by Stuart Mitchell on 11/02/2023

Arrived quickly, Bluetooth linked up straight away, microphones have a big range on them. All good.

Left by Joseph Oughtred on 11/02/2023

We purchased this machine for a dinner party and it is amazing - We take it to lots of family functions now as its very portable and great sound!
It great that there are two mics so two people can sing together
Great speaker and the disco lights add to the party mood
Connects really easy through bluetooth and uses endless karaoke songs on youtube
I highly recommend this product and what I think is great value for money

Left by Lisa K on 10/02/2023

Purchased for my 13yr daughter, I was very impressed with how easy to use and the sound is fantastic. The whole family are getting so much pleasure. I researched so many before hand and I’m glad I chose this one. I would highly recommend.

Left by natalie on 10/02/2023

I’ve always liked singing and I’m always 1st up when at a karaoke night, I’d seen one of these at my local and couldn’t believe the sound. I bought one, it sounds even better than I’d remembered. Highly recommended.

Left by kevin on 10/02/2023

I love the product! It made my evenings at home so entertaining! Thank you!

Left by Carlo on 10/02/2023

This far exceeded all expectations! We use on a regular basis and everyone always comments on how fantastic it is… Sound is great and Bluetooth works a treat. 5 Stars from me!!

Left by Mrs LS Read on 06/02/2023

Amazing system - highly recommended

Left by neal w. on 05/02/2023

 This speaker was great for this holidays we use it for our parties.It has nice lights play and its sounds very good. The battery is good and if its full would last a lot.Its a fantastic entertainment with the two mics.The sound quality its very good.

Left by Eddie on 02/01/2023

It sells itself

Left by Jay on 30/11/2022

This karaoke machine comes with so much fun, it is ideal for any occasion. It is portable and yes the size is slightly big however the quality is not compromised which makes it great. Overall very happy with the sound quality.

Left by HAMEED on 27/10/2022

We had great fun with this karaoke machine. The wireless mics work great and they have a really good range so it was easy to pass them around without any drop outs.

The speaker is really loud and it was simple to pair it to a tablet for music and lyrics. You can also change the levels and echo.

The lights are bright and colourful and really add to the party atmosphere.

Really good product, would recommend.

Left by Rupert on 25/09/2022

 The speaker is very powerful, sounds like you are having a concert in a big Hall.
All of my friends love them and they all asked for the link. They should buy their own otherwise they will be borrowing my machine all the time. But it is so much fun with friends. Worth the money. Highly recommended.

Left by Carmel Coombs on 21/09/2022

What's clear when you lift this out of the box is that it is clearly very transportable. It has a suitcase trolley handle that lets you pull it around, and it's lightweight without feeling too fragile. As described, it comes with two Bluetooth microphones that require 2 AA batteries.
The instructions say it requires around 7 hours to fully charge, but otherwise, it's tether free. It connects to smart devices by Bluetooth, and although it has its own YouTube channel, I found the song selection very small. Nevertheless, YouTube itself has a plethora of songs for you to belt out some tunes. I don't have a smart television to gather around, but if you do, this would be an amazing party piece to bring out.
The sound quality is perfectly satisfactory with the ability to adjust echo, base and treble. The one minor point I'd make is that it does not pick out soft singing and requires you to sing right into the top of the provided microphones.
Despite not being a confident singer, this was too much fun not to have a go and will bring hours of fun with the internet providing endless songs to your hearts content. The disco lights are also a welcome addition.
The dimensions of the unit mean it's also easily stored away. Great fun machine that is priced right in the midzone for karaoke machines with these features, £174.99 at time of writing, which is cheaper than the manufacturer's own

Left by Honestreviews on 19/09/2022

Well this is a fun one it has many features and would be great for party’s etc. I it has many ways for you to play music from it from Bluetooth, usb, micro sec or the fm radio which is inbuilt. It has bright lights that it will shine around the room (can be turned off) and it’s comes with 2 wireless microphones. It has settings for bass treble and mic echo affect. You can also record your singing efforts if you want. It has a storage place for one of the mics in the back and on the bottom it has a place for a tripod type stand (not included) it also has a remote control and comes with the charging adapter.
The only thing I need to mention is the microphones need 2aa batteries in each and you unscrew the bottom to fit them this wasn’t mentioned in the instructions.
Great fun for party’s and can be used as a very loud Bluetooth speaker for everyday.

Left by R D J Lane on 19/09/2022

Really fun for adults or kids to play with and it’s easy to set up and use.

Left by Sarah A on 17/09/2022

What a good quality and strong sound speaker for karaoke.The microphone has echo and the sound is great,what can i ask for and it is a value for money

Left by Myday on 09/09/2022

We bought 2 of these Karaoke machines with extra microphones as we have big parties. The sound is fantastic. Brilliant customer communication and service as they are local to us we went to see them and get great advice. Would highly recommend this company.

Left by Mrs Pauline Palmer on 22/08/2022

Fantastic. As a trained vocalist this is amazing for me to practice on the lights are amazing sound quality
Left by Amazon Customer on 21/08/2022

Great sound, quality product. Battery lasts for ever! Can’t wait to take it down the beach hut in the Summer
Left by Maria Taylor on 20/08/2022

Wow. Never seen anything like this before. Lights are good, in dark or dimmed lighting. While family love it!

Left by Harry Mensey on 14/08/2021

Received this and the microphones wouldnt connect, was sent 2 new microphones that still didnt connect. Eventually they swapped the whole machine and the new one works great.

Must have just been a bad machine but 4 stars for the inconvinience.

Left by Brian Limander on 03/06/2021

So happy with this speaker! It sounds amazing and the lights are so bright! Couldnt be happier with my purchase!

Left by Charlotte Peter on 15/04/2021

Ordered this yesterday and already arrived today ! Excellent service , really pleased with this product sound quality is really good and so glad paid the extra and got it with the disco light. Ideal it’s on a trolley for the children to be able to move it themselves from room to room. Only negative is the length of the cable to plug it in as with having disco light it’s better to have it in the middle of the room.
Left by Kate on 28/11/2020

Very shocked at how loud this it. Very pleased with it

Left by Jonny Bell on 24/09/2020

Just received this and connected my phone through bluetooth.

I love the sound of it and the lights are cool.

Left by Haily Bantry on 02/09/2020

I do really this speaker but i just wish the lights were brighter. they look great when its dark but hard to see when using it outside

Left by Connor Kims on 17/08/2020

Love the speaker. Sounds great and lights look good.

Wheels could be abit better quality but i guess time will tell.

Left by Simon Hilton on 30/05/2020

The reviews persuaded me to buy this so thought it wasfair i left one for others.

I love it, and the light on top actually is as good as others say it is. Turn the lights down and it really does fill the room.

Thank you so much!

Left by Leanne Sargent on 17/05/2020

Had reservationso n how good the light on top would actually be. Its so good! In a dimmed room its fine. In a dark room it's amazing! Lights up well and sounds good.

Left by Sally west on 10/05/2020

Ha, love this! Glad i followed these reviews. The light isactually really good, especially in a dim or dark room.

Left by Joel Morris on 01/05/2020

Took what i thought was a gamble with this as never seen one before. Certianly no game, it's great! The dome light on top is actually really good.

Left by Cheryl Herring on 28/04/2020

Was looking for a pa speaker but wasn't really sure what i wanted. Found this one as liked the dome light aspect on top, which can be sound activated too. Its very good and the light on top shows up really well in a darkish room. Obvisouly the dark the better.
Left by Tina Herrin on 21/04/2020

Bought this for my daughter. She loves it, and the lights just add a new dynamic. Personally i think its better than the ones without lights.

Left by Joey Timmins on 19/04/2020

Bought this for parties literally before lock down so yet to use it properly. Gave it abit of a test mind and seems a great product.

Left by Gary Maiden on 01/04/2020

Like it. Different to anything i've seen before but it's pretty good. Lights up well and sounds good.

Left by Simon Mcteel on 24/03/2020

Was a bit unsure about buying without seeing any reviews so called vocalstar for reassurance. Theyre very helpful.

Glad i bought it now. It sounds great and the lights are actually really good. In a dark room they show up exremely well and fill the room.

Hope more people leave reviews for this as it certainly helps.

Left by Zach Mayor on 03/03/2020

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My microphone will not connect

Please switch the unit and microphone off.  Check batteries are in the wireless microphone and than the cables are connected corrected on the cabled microphone.  Turn the main unit on, followed by the microphone/s.  Check the master volume and microphone volume is turned up.  If it is still not working, complete the contact us form for further support. 

The sound is low / no sound 

When connected via Bluetooth the sound is controlled by your Vocal-Star product, but also the device you have connected to the Vocal-Star product (Phone, TV, Tablet ect).  You will find that by turning up the volume on your connected device, that this will also increase the volume on your Vocal-Star product. 

My Bluetooth will not connect

This is a very common issue which is almost always because another device is already connected. The Vocal Star product can only be connected to one device at a time, so if you connect one device (eg your phone) and then try to connect another device (eg your iPad) it will not work, you first need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your first device and disconnect from the Vocal Star product.  

My microphones are cutting out

The first thing to try when wireless microphones are having problems is to change the batteries, batteries do not last long in microphones because of the type of signal they are sending so changing the batteries often solves the problem. Please ensure to use good quality "alkaline" batteries rather than rechargeable. Even if the microphone is coming on, there might not be enough power to reliably transmit audio.

My battery is not holding charge for very long 

You will need to charge the product when it is not in use.  Using lights and bluetooth will drain the battery faster, as will the volume you are using the product at.  Recharge your batteries before they are completely dead. Not letting it die completely will extend the battery lifespan.  If you are preparing to store your batteries for a period of time, make sure you do so at half charge. Unlike other types of batteries that need to be recharged throughout their storage time, lithium batteries do better at 40%-50% DOD (depth of discharge).  Batteries will reduce in performance over time and use.  It is important to follow the advice on looking after and maintaining batteries. 

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