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Vocal-Star VS-400 Kids HDMI CDG DVD Karaoke Machine 2 Microphones & Kids Songs

TV Connect
Wired Microphones
Kids Machines
Family Set
Home Use
Echo Control
Was £49.99
Now £29.99
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  • Vocal-Star VS-400 CDG DVD Karaoke Machine With 2 Microphones & Kids Songs
  • The Vocal-Star VS-400 Karaoke machine is Easy to use and setup, Comes complete with all cables, remote control (Batteries Not Included) .Just simply connect to your tv using the HDMI ouptut or the red white and yellow cable ( supplied ) and start singing, Words are displayed on your tv and change colour to prompt you to sing. The Vocal-Star 400 is more than just a Karaoke Player; The VS400 was designed very much with families in mind and we would expect this machine to end up in living rooms and bedrooms alike. This is why we have added the facility to play CDs and DVDs, as well as music from USB too, making the VS-400 your very own family entertainment hub. Use the Built in Key Control and Echo Control to enhance your vocals. Comes Complete with 2 wired microphones Kids Songs
  • The VS-400 Is A Compact Karaoke Machine Full Of Features
  • Can Play CDG DVD & VCD Karaoke Discs
  • Play MP3 Songs Via the USB Input
  • 2 Wired Microphones & Remote Control Included
  • Echo & 14 Step Key Control, & A Selection of Top Songs Included
  • Plays A Huge Range of Formats
  • The Vocal-Star doesn’t just play Karaoke Discs, it plays DVDs too, meaning you can use it to watch your favourite films.  It will also play music CDs - meaning it’s a one stop home entertainment system for all the family.  Other supported formats include; MP3, CD, VCD,CD+G, DVD, AVI, DivX
  • Lyrics Displayed On Your TV
  • Lyrics are displayed on your screen and change colour to prompt you to sing
  • Best Microphone Vocals
  • The Vocal-Star, unlike any other Karaoke Player has been designed for Karaoke only and crisp, clear vocal performances are very important to us.  Carefully chosen and tested parts are used meaning in our opinion with Vocal-Star you get the best Karaoke sound in the World.
  • Connects to Amps, Mixers, Speakers and 5.1 Systems
  • Connect the audio leads from your Karaoke Machine into an Amplifier, Mixer or Speaker set to give you even louder sound and more flexibility - or simply check out our store for sets including speakers and amplifiers.  We have yet to come across another Karaoke Machine that has the sound outputs the Vocal-Star has.
  • Add More Songs
  • The Vocal-Star, unlike most budget players around today will play pretty much all karaoke discs ever made. You won’t be restricted by a poor selection of songs with this machine.  Check out our store for thousands of compatible karaoke discs to play on your new machine.
  • Quick & Easy Set Up
  • Setting up your brand new Vocal-Star is as easy as it gets.Use the HDMI output or the Red, White and Yellow RCA cables are supplied to connect to any television. 
  • Free Songs Include;
      • Vocal-Star Huge Karaoke Hits of Kids Movies - 40 Songs - 2 CDG Disc Set

      • Disc 1
      • 1. Aladdin (A Whole New World)
      • 2. Beauty & The Beast (Beauty And The Beast)
      • 3. Beauty & The Beast (Belle)
      • 4. Cinderella (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes)
      • 5. Frozen (For The First Time In Forever)
      • 6. Frozen (Do You Want To Build A Snowman)
      • 7. Frozen (Let It Go)
      • 8. Frozen (In Summer)
      • 9. Jungle Book (I Wanna Be Like You)
      • 10. Jungle Book (Bare Necessities)
      • 11. Little Mermaid (Part Of Your World)
      • 12. Little Mermaid (Under The Sea)
      • 13. The Lion King (Can You Feel The Love Tonight)
      • 14. The Lion King (Hakuna Matata)
      • 15. The Lion King (Circle Of Life)
      • 16. Mary Poppins (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
      • 17. Moana (How Far I'll Go)
      • 18. Moana (You're Welcome)
      • 19. Pinocchio (When You Wish Upon a Star)
      • 20. Pocahontas (Colours Of The Wind)
      • Disc 2
      • 1. An American Tail (Somewhere Out There)
      • 2. Bossbaby (Blackbird)
      • 3. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Oompa Loompa backing)
      • 4. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (Pure Imagination)
      • 5. Flintstones (Meet The Flintstones)
      • 6. Finding Dory (Unforgettable)
      • 7. The Lego Movie (Everything Is Awesome)
      • 8. Minions (Happy Together)
      • 9. Oliver (Food Glorious Food)
      • 10. Oliver (Consider Yourself)
      • 11. Pitch Perfect (Cups)
      • 12. Shrek (I'm A Believer)
      • 13. Shrek 2 (Accidentally In Love)
      • 14. Spongebob Squarepants (The Best Day Ever)
      • 15. Wizard Of Oz (Over The Rainbow)
      • 16. Wizard Of Oz (We're Off To See The Wizard)
      • 17. Wizard Of Oz (Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead)
      • 18. Trolls (True Colours)
      • 19. Sesame Street (Sunny Days)
      • 20. Alesso Feat. Tove Lo (Heroes)

      • OR

        • Vocal-Star Huge Karaoke Hits of Kids Party - 40 Songs - 2 CDG Disc Set
          • Disc 1
          • 1.Steps - 5,6,7,8 
          • 2.Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass 
          • 3.B.I.N.G.O. 
          • 4.Britney Spears - Baby One More Time 
          • 5.Aqua - Barbie Girl 
          • 6.Jungle Book - Bare Necessities
          • 7.Little Mix - Black Magic
          • 8.Eiffel 65 - Blue
          • 9.Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
          • 10.Bob The Builder - Can We Fix It
          • 11.Casper - Cha cha slide 
          • 12.Cheeky Girls - Cheeky song 
          • 13.Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
          • 14.Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
          • 15.Black Lace - Do The Conga 
          • 16.Journey - Don’t Stop Believin
          • 17.PSY - Gangnam Style 
          • 18.Vengaboys - Going to Ibiza 
          • 19.Camila Cabello Feat. Young Thug - Havana 
          • 20.DJ Otzi - Hey Baby
          • Disc 2
          • 1.Hokey Cokey
          • 2.Bombalurina - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
          • 3.Frozen - Let It Go
          • 4.Let’s Get Ready To Rumble - Ant & Dec
          • 5.Los Del Rio - Macarena
          • 6.Bob The Builder - Mambo No. 5 
          • 7.Greatest Showman - A Million Dreams
          • 8.Boris Pickett - Monster Mash
          • 9.Greatest Showman - Never enough
          • 10. One Direction - Best Song Ever
          • 11.S Club 7 - Reach
          • 12.Whigfield - Saturday Night
          • 13.Taylor Swift - Shake It Off 
          • 14.Mary Poppins - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
          • 15.The Fast Food Rockers - The Fast Food Song
          • 16.Spice Girls - Wanna Be 
          • 17.Vengaboys - We Like To Party! ( The Vengabus ) 
          • 18.One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
          • 19.The Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out
          • 20.The Cartoons - Witch Doctor

          Product Video

          It's ok. Fine for the kids but not really an adults machine.

          Requires some set up to sync mics with music volume.

          Left by Sam on 16/08/2021

          My son is only 4 so just shouts into the microphone but this keeps him entertained for hours! 

          Nice cheap machine and very happy with how quick and efficient the service was.

          Left by Ricky Pentlestine on 24/07/2021

          Great toy for my little girl, shes only 3 but loves shouting into the microphone haha

          Left by Jacob Fawcet on 16/07/2021

          Great fun for the kids! I have 4 grandchildren and they love playing singing competitions when they come to visit!

          Left by irene coppelspee on 08/07/2021

          This karaoke player is very good for the price! Got the pink on for my little sisters birthday and she has been on it constantly the last 3 days! definitly reccomend!

          Left by Hannah Ballenger on 02/07/2021

          Not very pleased with this machine. I know this is the kids one but i still expected more for my money.

          The microphones are very quiet and it just seems a bit basic.

          Left by Lizzy Coopet on 24/06/2021

          Not the best quality but its a great machine for the kids
          Left by David star on 19/06/2021

          My girls absoloutely love their machine! Very pleased with the quick delivery and good service.

          Left by Jaxson on 12/06/2021

          You get what you pay for, good machine for kids
          Left by Lisa Jackson on 04/06/2021

          Bit dissapointed with the quality of the microphones, but the machine isnt bad for kids.

          Left by Peter Corriner on 26/05/2021

          What a brilliant little machine! My twins absoloutely love it!

          Left by Christine Lampard on 20/05/2021

          Very tinny microphones but my kids love it!
          Left by Arron Larton on 14/05/2021

          Not a bad machine for the price but the microphones are so quiet! 

          At first you couldnt hear anything from them, then after calling up, they walked me through the set up so you could hear the voice through the microphone, but still not great.

          Left by Anna Katherine on 07/05/2021

          Pretty basic machine but does the job and my kid loves it

          Left by Killian Kemper on 01/05/2021

          Great little machine for the kids

          Left by Bailey Winters on 24/04/2021

          Lovely little machine, my daughter loves it.

          Left by Christine Green on 16/04/2021

          got this for my little girls birthday last week. Alot better then i was expecting as it was quite cheap. 

          But my girls absoloutely love it and havent stopped using it the last couple of days!

          Left by Robbie Patterson on 08/04/2021

          Not a bad machine but you get what you pay for.

          Regret not going for the better one.

          Left by Jamie Thorn on 01/04/2021

          Got my granddaughter the pink one for her birthday and she absoloutely loves it! 

          Very good for the price

          Left by Jon Star on 27/03/2021

          My little girl loves it! thankyou!

          Left by Connie Lamb on 19/03/2021

          Great little machine! Will definitely upgrade to wireless microphones but very happy with it.

          Left by Frankie Donnell on 10/03/2021

          Good machine but microphones a bit quiet.

          Will upgrade to the wireless ones when i have the money.

          Left by Jessica on 03/03/2021

          Good machine

          Left by Izzy Smithers on 25/02/2021

          Purchased this for my little girls birthday as something fun to do during this lockdown and she hasnt got off it!

          Good for the price!

          Left by Bruno Costella on 17/02/2021

          Purchased this for my little girls birthday as something fun to do during this lockdown and she hasnt got off it!

          Good for the price!

          Left by Bruno Costella on 17/02/2021

          Ordered a pink one and was send a black one. 

          Called up and they swapped it the next day. 

          Very good service

          Left by Tasha Long on 04/02/2021

          After having some issues with the microphones, i rang up and a lovely lady walked me through how to get them working. Now my daughter loves it! Great machine for the price.

          Left by Jamie Arthers on 20/01/2021

          The microphones arent the best but a good machine for the price.

          Left by Jaden Pope on 14/01/2021

          Brought this for my daughter for christmas and she loves it

          thankyou vocalstar

          Left by Connor Hain on 02/01/2021

          Ordered a pink kids machine yesterday and it arrived this morning! Was going to save it for christmas but my daughter saw it and didnt want to wait. She loves it and hasnt come off it yet! Thankyou Vocalstar

          Left by Jannette Sharpe on 27/11/2020

          A good plug in and play machinefor kids Its basic, but still better than the toy type machines.

          Left by Sam Hayter on 17/11/2020

          The microphones are quite quiet but didnt expect much from a kids machine. Works very well and the grandkids love it

          Left by Johnathon Peacock on 22/10/2020

          Very happy with the karaoke player

          Left by Karen Hendericks on 04/10/2020

          Brought the pink one for my daughter the other day. Its very basic but not bad for the money and she loves it!

          Left by Britney Seetle on 24/09/2020

          Good for a plug in and sing machine, or for younger kids. Its basic, but still better than the toy machines you get from the toy shops.

          Left by Andrea Thomas on 15/09/2020

          Purchased this machine for my daughter, when it arrived we couldnt get any sound out of the microphones. I called up and was walked through the set up and managed to get them working. 

          Not a bad machine but I think the microphones should work straight away.

          Left by Catherine McDonald on 04/09/2020

          My daughter loves this machine but when it arrived the microphones were very quiet! I called up and was shown how to do the set up and now it works great! very happy.

          Left by shania Jones on 01/09/2020

          Brough this machine yesterday for my daughter birthday and it arrived this morning! looks great, cant wait to see her face when i give it to her!

          Left by collette banks on 20/08/2020

          Looked everywhere for a kids karaok machine then came across this one from vocal star.

          Its a good little machine and seems better than the toy machines you get.

          Left by Sue Sharp on 13/08/2020

          Good for the price. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles as others do, but that's expected.

          Takes a little bit of set up to get the sound right, but it's once sorted.

          Left by Jeff Morish on 03/08/2020

          I had a very old model of VS400 pink, but have recently bought this newer version.

          Great to see vocal star evolving and updating their machines with the times.

          Left by Stacey Martin on 23/07/2020

          Very helpful staff, and quick delivery. The kids love it.

          Left by Shannon Harp on 12/07/2020

          Love it. Kids songs are great. The kids movies is the best as it has songs with lead vocals too.

          Left by Lauren shindley on 01/07/2020

          Thank you. Kids love it.

          Left by Lauren Sipp on 16/06/2020

          Doesn't have all the bells and whitsles as others do but for the money, it's a decent little machine.

          Left by Shane Hickson on 03/06/2020

          A cool little machine for the kids.

          Requied some changes to start with in terms of music nad mic adjustments but we got there in the end and no i can't keep my kids off it.

           Need to find more kids songs now.

          Left by Sharon Staple on 21/05/2020

          Great little product and so affordable. Ordered it in pink for my duaghter and she loves it.

          Left by Dave Mendy on 10/05/2020

          Its a bit basic, but fgor the money its great. It's only for my youngest to have a play about on but if you ant something with more features, look at the other models.

          Left by Andrea Simpson on 03/05/2020

          A good, simple little machine and at a bargain price too. Better than the toys you get.

          Left by Lilly Smithers on 25/04/2020

          Good little machine, little bit of set up to go through but all fairly simple.
          Left by Duncan Warner on 20/04/2020

          Bought for the kids during lockdown. Nothing to serious but this thing is really good. Can't say it's keep it's them quiet mind lol

          Left by Zoe Timms on 15/04/2020

          Machine itself is a decent little machine for the price. Just make sure to buy enough songs so you don't sing or hear others sing the same ones over and over.

          Left by Peter mendes on 06/04/2020

          Kids love it, thank you. 

          Left by Sharon Wright on 31/03/2020

          Bought the pink machine which is great. Went for the wireless mics option which i thought would be pink too but only come in black. Not a big issue.

          Left by Rachel Harrow on 18/03/2020

          Went for the pink machine. Such a lovely colour.

          Left by Sharon Tonks on 10/03/2020

          Bought for my wife but too basic for her. My fault... Went for a different mchine instead but looks a good little machine none the less.

          Left by John Tay on 11/02/2020

          Very basic machine, but great for the money.

          Brought this for my kids and they love it. Havent had any problems so far.

          Left by Dan spicer on 05/02/2020

          Very straight forward to use. 2 mics and good selection of songs. Ticks all the boxes for me.
          Left by Sally Morton on 21/01/2020

          Cheap and cheerful.

          I went for one of the cheapest options for a kareoke machine but certaintly  don’t regret it.

          Nice display and looks good.

          Left by Jeff toll on 15/01/2020

          Bought to have at a new years eve party. Didn't realise it was more for kids (my error) but still had a good laugh.

          Left by Dave Tindall on 08/01/2020

          Kids love it. Good little machine and songs are good too. Have already bought more songs.

          Left by Shelley Morris on 28/12/2019

          Not opened yet as a xmas present but looks good.

          Left by Danny puttock on 21/12/2019

          Arrived a week late which let it down. Probably the couriers fault. Machine is good though.

          Left by Adam chalkley on 17/12/2019

          Very nice looking machines.
          Clear and good sound. Plays songs from usb and CDG.Only though it played discs so that was a bonus

          Left by Sara Galpin on 12/12/2019

          Great value for money. Certainly better than the toy versions other places do.

          Left by Axel mentor on 02/12/2019

          Good little machine, 1 microphone arrived damaged whcih was swiftly replaced.

          Left by Dan Tadier on 27/11/2019

          Would have been 5 stars but the kids have given me a headache!

          Thanks vocal star!

          Left by Connie Morris on 18/11/2019

          Great little product and so affordable.

          Left by Kat wheeler on 13/11/2019

          My little girl loves it.

          Great for kids this one.

          Left by Sam stoney on 02/11/2019

          Terrific little machine my son loves it!, it was meant to be for christmas but he found it before i had chance to hide it.Really easy for him to use on his own and came with a great selection of kids songs.

          Left by Keris Hammond on 16/10/2019

          Really good little machine, easy to use and great fun for all of our family at the weekends.We did have a problem with the mic's not having any sound coming from them. But thankfully it was just a set up issue which was resolved within a few minuets on the phone to vocal star.

          Left by Conan Mcgannon on 17/09/2019

          Placed an order for this machine as a present for my 5 and six year old grand daughters.The machine is great value for money and has kept them happily entertained whilst ive been looking after them for the summer holidays.I did have a set up issue with the mics to start with, but a call to vocal star helped me put it right in minuets.We're now thinking of buying another one of their machines for my and my husband to have a sing along with. 

          Left by Debra Finlay on 28/08/2019

          I did go for one of the cheapest options for a kareoke with 2 mics but I sure don’t regret it!! It is as nice as displayed , it’s pink is lovely. Very light which makes it easy to move around and it also has a space at the back where plug goes in which I found very inventive and awesome. Sound quality is super, got no regrets

          Left by Vicky Moores on 25/07/2019

          This little karaoke machine is so easy to setup, just plug and play. Bought it as last minute surprise for my sister's birthday. Don't expect fancy graphics as it is not an expensive machine. Its come with 2 microphones and song ready to use. The sound is brilliant. Really good karaoke machine for party and family night. Have a lot of fun with it.

          Left by John Furny on 24/07/2019

          Not a bad machine, the microphones arent the best quality but didnt expect much from a kids machine. Keeps the kids entertained for hours

          Left by Jack Saunders on 17/07/2019

          Very nice looking Karaoke player!
          Gives very clear and good sound. Reads USB, Mp3 DVD formats. My daughter loves it so much!

          Left by Sam Baily on 13/06/2019

          Very basic machine, but for the money we paid, we cant complain. Brought this for my son and he seems to love it. Havent had any problems so far.

          Left by Jay Jones on 10/05/2019

          This karaoke kit is pretty much straightforward to use. Kit has 2 wired microphones which are great
          Left by John Taylor on 08/05/2019

          This was very easy to setup and use, the instructions were clear and simple to follow. I bought it for my daughter's who enjoy karaoke, hence why a chose a pink machine. Comes with songs already which is great and you can add your own of course. The sound quality is actually very good and the mic that comes with it is wired so don't need to worry about battery running low and the cost of replacing batteries. Great product

          Left by Steven Bennet on 26/04/2019

          Brought this for my daughters 5th birthday party, was very easy to set up and the girls absoloutly loved it. Think i will invest in some speakers soon as the sound isnt amazing, but still very happy.

          Left by Sandra Johnson on 02/04/2019

          I had a great night with this karaoke machine.
          It's great for family nights in.
          It was so easy to set up. Instructions are so easy to follow.
          I knew every song on the 2 cd's.
          This karaoke comes with 2 mike's
          It's machine is small so it was perfect underneath my TV.
          This was great value for money
          The service was excellent and delivery was fast.
          It arrived before the due date.

          Left by Irene Smith on 31/03/2019

          Good machine for the money. Arrived with a damaed microphone but a new one was sent out as soon as i called up and I received it the following day. Other then the microphone, the product is very good and the customer service was great

          Left by Samuel Jenkins on 19/03/2019

          My daughter absolutely loves this and all her friends come over and sing on it all the time now! We could have the future Little Mix on our hands!

          Left by Matthew Hammond on 04/02/2019

          This was very easy to setup and use, the instructions were clear and simple to follow. I bought it for my daughter's who enjoy karaoke, hence why a chose a pink machine. Comes with songs already which is great and you can add your own of course. The sound quality is actually very good and the mic that comes with it is wired so don't need to worry about battery running low and the cost of replacing batteries. Great product

          Left by Charlotte Sands on 24/01/2019

          Brought this machine for my grand daughters birthday, unfortunately it doesnt have a HDMI output so wouldnt connect to our TV, but it connected to our smaller TV which is much better for her anyway. Very easy to set up and use, she loves it.
          Left by Frank Tarr on 09/01/2019

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