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Vocal-Star VS-P180 Portable Bluetooth MP3 Karaoke Machine With light effect & 2 wireless microphones

Remote Control
Record Singing
Bass & Treble
Echo Control
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The New VS-P180 Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Speaker With 2 Wireless Microphones & LED Light Effects

A powerful portable Bluetooth karaoke machine speaker which can be used from the mains power or the built in lithium battery which is ideal if you want to take it in the garden, holiday etc. Includes 2 wireless microphones. Built in LED light effects are on the front woofers. Has an extra microphone input, and echo, bass and treble music controls. A carry Handle makes it easy to move around. 

The VS-P180 is a Multi-Purpose Karaoke & Entertainment System.

Connect Your Bluetooth Device - Phone, Tablet or Smart TV To the Vocal-Star Karaoke Machine & Use the Microphones Included to Start Singing. Go to sites like YouTube & Search for "Vocal Star Karaoke" & You Will Find 1000s Of Karaoke Tracks for FREE. & We Add New Tracks Every Day.

Use the VS-P180 Anywhere, in the Home, Outside or even take on your Holiday. Connect your Bluetooth Device, listen and sing to your favourite artist.

Use Our FREE Karaoke Songs Including Classic and Modern Tracks Which Are Updated Daily on YouTube, Also Download our Free Song list which is perfect for karaoke Events / Parties To Help search Our songs.

Click Here To Access 1000s Of Free Karaoke Tracks


Built In Bluetooth Facility - Stream Music from iphone tablet etc

Echo effect for microphones

2 x VHF handheld microphones included (Batteries not included)

Built In LED Light Effects with ON/OFF Switch

Integral USB/SD digital MP3 audio player with Remote Control

AUX input

Mains/rechargeable operation

Built-in Carry handle

Extra Microphone Input (1/4 jack)


Power max. 200w

2 x 6.5" Woofers

Battery life Up to 8 hours

Lithium Battery:7.4v / 2600MAH

Controls: Music Volume, Bass, Treble, Echo, Mic volume

Wireless microphone frequencies 173.8MHz + 175.0MHz

Product Video

Provided great entertainment to the family and guests over Christmas!

Left by Gina on 14/02/2023

From solos, ballads to emotional duets you name it we’ve sang it, absolutely brilliant machine, created so much fun in our house in the short space of time we’ve had it! Now watch out X factor.

Left by Sophs84 on 20/01/2023

Easy to set up, great to use. The microphones take AA batteries and are linked to the device out of the box, which is good to know as there were no instructions concerning the microphones.

It was easy to pair a music source via bluetooth and the karaoke machine sounds good enough for parties, not just at home but anywhere with the rechargeable built in battery.

Happy with my purchase!
Left by Robert on 28/11/2022

Really good machine
Love it and a great warranty
Good communication with the company

Left by Lucy on 22/03/2022

Very quick and friendly sevice and great quality speaker too!

Left by Mary Parker on 04/06/2021

Very pleased with the quality of this speaker.

Left by Jayson on 07/05/2021

The sound quality is insane on this! 

Left by Connie on 29/04/2021

Absoloutely love this speaker! It is everything described and more! 

The sound quality is insane and i love how lightweight this is!

Left by Charlotte White on 24/04/2021

Had to wait a while for delivery but im happy now i have finally received it

Left by Scarlette on 17/04/2021

Great speaker and sound. Easy set up with no issues. Microphones are also good too and much louder than my last machine.
Left by Jemma on 13/04/2021

Great sound and very loud. Easy set up with no issues. Microphones also work well too and are much louder than my previous machine.
Left by Jemma on 13/04/2021

Had my speaker for quite a while now and it is just so amazing!

Every one is shocked at how powerful it is!

Very happy customer.

Left by Georgia Price on 26/03/2021

Brought this karaoke machine after using a friends Vocal Star machine and loved it. This is such a great machine at a very reasonable price and the kids love the disco lights!
Left by Susie on 05/03/2021

Brought as a christmas present for my son and he is very happy with it!

Great quality for the price 

Left by Nicola Grooty on 15/01/2021

Brilliant speaker! Its so easy to use and is very loud!

Great service

Left by Charlotte Hammond on 05/01/2021

Hello this is a cracking karaoke machine got it for my wife for christmas and she is chuffed also vocal star went above and beyond to make sure it got to me on time they were brilliant
Left by Lee on 26/12/2020

Been meaning to leave a review for a while and only just got round to it!

This is such a great speaker and i would defo reccomend it to anyone!

Left by Charlotte Poper on 26/10/2020

Had this speaker for a while now and never had any issues with it. Very happy

Left by louise alterage on 23/09/2020

I received this quite a while ago but have only just got round to opening it. Very happy with it.

Left by Hailie Baldwin on 04/09/2020

Brought this for my sons birthday as he loves to sing along with his phone and he loves it!

Left by Terry hancock on 03/09/2020

I love this speaker!
Left by Shawna Gibbs on 01/09/2020

I love this speaker! i only really use it as a bluetooth speaker for my phone but it works great and is very loud!

Left by haily nulty on 15/08/2020

Love it. Certainaly different to anything else ive seen. Sounds goods and mics are good quality. Lights are a good visual effect, they're just not powerful enough to fill a room so are only for a visual effect and not for room lighting.

Left by Harry Pointer on 05/08/2020

I can't believe how light it is.

Has a simple built in carry handle on the top for easy carrying. Sound great and lights, although won't fill a room, is a good effect to have on the speaker.

Left by Steven Pebble on 11/07/2020

Ordered this item on pre order. Have received it now. Its so good!

Connect a phone or tablet to it via bluetooth and play songs online. The lights are such a good visual feature.

Left by Sharron Davies on 01/07/2020

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My microphone will not connect

Please switch the unit and microphone off.  Check batteries are in the wireless microphone and than the cables are connected corrected on the cabled microphone.  Turn the main unit on, followed by the microphone/s.  Check the master volume and microphone volume is turned up.  If it is still not working, complete the contact us form for further support. 

The sound is low / no sound 

When connected via Bluetooth the sound is controlled by your Vocal-Star product, but also the device you have connected to the Vocal-Star product (Phone, TV, Tablet ect).  You will find that by turning up the volume on your connected device, that this will also increase the volume on your Vocal-Star product. 

My Bluetooth will not connect

This is a very common issue which is almost always because another device is already connected. The Vocal Star product can only be connected to one device at a time, so if you connect one device (eg your phone) and then try to connect another device (eg your iPad) it will not work, you first need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your first device and disconnect from the Vocal Star product.  

My microphones are cutting out

The first thing to try when wireless microphones are having problems is to change the batteries, batteries do not last long in microphones because of the type of signal they are sending so changing the batteries often solves the problem. Please ensure to use good quality "alkaline" batteries rather than rechargeable. Even if the microphone is coming on, there might not be enough power to reliably transmit audio.

My battery is not holding charge for very long 

You will need to charge the product when it is not in use.  Using lights and bluetooth will drain the battery faster, as will the volume you are using the product at.  Recharge your batteries before they are completely dead. Not letting it die completely will extend the battery lifespan.  If you are preparing to store your batteries for a period of time, make sure you do so at half charge. Unlike other types of batteries that need to be recharged throughout their storage time, lithium batteries do better at 40%-50% DOD (depth of discharge).  Batteries will reduce in performance over time and use.  It is important to follow the advice on looking after and maintaining batteries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (7)

Yes, add the Vocal Star product to your TV via bluetooth. Open the YouTube app and all sound from the TV and microphones will come out of the speaker.

Yes over 8000 high quality karaoke tracks have been added to YouTube and are free to watch and sing to.

Yes, the microphones are totally independent.

Yes, connect via bluetooth and you can then use your phone or tablet to display the lyrics

Yes, connect via bluetooth from the device you are using.

A USB-C cable is in the box and this is used to charge the item.

If you are connected via bluetooth, you need to increase or decrease the sound with the TV/ phone or tablet you used for connection.
* Klarna price indicated is calculated on the base price of this product