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Vocal-Star VS-WM240 2 VHF Wireless Microphone Set

Wireless Microphones
SKU: VS- WM240
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VS- WM240 Wireless Microphones

Vocal-Star WM-240 Dual Vhf Microphones Offer Crystal Clear and Rich Bass Vocal Output So Whether Your Singing At Home or On Stage These Will Meet Your Needs


Range: up to 50m 

Robust Receiver Chassis

Individual Microphones Volume Controls

XLR Balanced and Jack Unbalanced Outputs

Microphone power on/off / Mute switch

Microphone signal status LED

Microphone battery status LED

Frequency: 173 + 175 Mhz



 2x Microphones

1x Receiver

1x Ac Power Adapter

1x ¼ Jack Jack Cable

2x Batteries

1x Manual 

Product Video

I placed an order for these about two weeks ago, they arrived just the next day and have a great sound quality to them.Im currently using them plugged in to a speaker set i bought from vocal star about a year ago.They work great together and are great fun if you have a few friends round.

Left by Keiran Townsend on 16/09/2019

Thought we’d get this for a bit of fun but didn’t expect it to be great quality for the low price. However, I was really pleasantly surprised. The wireless mics are weighty and decent enough. Batteries were supplied. The mixer itself is easy enough to set up but I ignored the instructions as they appeared to show the input cables as outputs and vice versa. Mic volume is easily adjustable for each one as is the music volume generally. We used the headphone output from the TV into the mixer and then fed from the mixer unit into my hifi amplifier. Sounds perfect. We just go on YouTube and choose the song we want and hey presto. Great fun. Plus delivered in 24 hours!

Left by Caitlyn Seamore on 24/07/2019

Very lively and responsive unit which delivers the expected level of sound with efficiency moreover, full marks goes to the professionalism supplier who promptly reacted to the issue I had with my unit and sent me the replacement without any fuss at all. I am really pleased and satisfied, it's highly recommended.

Left by Maura Vincent on 28/05/2019

Lovely set of microphones strong and sound good, my only criticism is that too much sound travels up the body of the mike, if it hits your ring you can hear the tap through the speakers, I will tape them up to stop this and also protect them, one other niggle and this is just me, I'm not a fan of side to side on off switches I much prefer up and down for on and off but like I said that's just me. Otherwise a good buy and will do the job I purchased them to do.

Left by Coran Pip on 16/03/2019

I bought this product due to its review and i can say that the mic is very good, i have been having issues with church mic, but today is very different as the mic picks up very well even when you dont totally put it close to mouth it still picks the voice, excellent. And price too is very good.

Left by James Gib on 09/01/2019

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